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My name is David Dinsdale and I have been taking photographs all my life.  From a young age  I loved how the camera is able to capture the smallest details that are often overlooked.  I loved how when I looked at my photos they would tell a story.  Photography  for me  is capturing  life's moments . 

One of my earliest memories was taking pictures with my grandmother in  her backyard with an old Kodak Disc.  I remember running around the backyard  Snapping pictures of anything that caught  my eye.  I could not wait to get those photos back  and see what I had captured.

That excitement has never left me.  In 2011, I started David Dinsdale Photography to pursue my passion of capturing life's moments and to exceed my clients expectations.  

I look forward to helping you create memories of your life's special moments.



 2014 New York Institute of Photography - Certificate


Proud Member 

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